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You owe it to your business to explore the power of Internet marketing. Give us a half hour of your time and we will explain in concise terms, what the Internet can do for you.

Case Study: Bob knew that the Internet was important to the future growth of his business. So he built a website...but nobody came. What to do? He called The Ponosuk Group and had a free 30 minute no obligation conference. They recommended local search on Google. They selected keywords, wrote ad copy, designed local targeting, provided conversion tracking code and published his campaign. Within days, Bob had clicks to his site, within weeks had new business.

Then The Ponosuk Group looked at the traffic coming to Bob's site and recommended additional keywords. They looked at the click thru rate of his ads and suggested modifications to the copy that would imrove clicks. Since Bob was showing a positive return on his media spend, The Ponosuk Group recommended expanding Bob's marketing campaign to Yahoo and then to the Microsoft Network. Bob's business continues to grow.

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